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View of Airwrek at Sunken Gardens with Saber way back then.

Airwrek's hottest of the latest tunes: Ready to Melt and Pristine

Airwrek's toasty and sweet instrumental: Laser Beam

Airwrek - Defined ................... ........Also see........ .........

Airwrek (air' rek), adj. airborne recreational sports to their limits, v. wreck the airwaves with killer tunes, the songs heard here.

Your definition may vary depending on your location in time and space.

The name actually came about when I worked for an aircraft company that repaired wrecked airplanes in San Antonio, TX. From then on, I've inherited "Airwrek" as my postmark.

Maybe the abbreviated definition could possibly be: Airborne with recording kinetics. Kudos to that!

Airwrek - Site Breakdown

Here are the key points of this site and it's breakdown:

Who/What explains who I am and what I'm about. It's all about entertainment.

Where/When lets you know the schedule of events and when the right time to show up will be.

How/Why fills you in on the attitudes that make the world turn and the clock keep ticking. This is how the past is paving the future.

Motocross riding is where you'll find me when my axe isn't strapped around my neck. I'm always unleashing the beast every second I get! After a hundred laps or so I tone it down a bit so you can keep up and ride along side.

Tunes is where you'll find an archive of my "Airwrek" songs. It gets updated on a daily basis. So, it's expanding quick. This year is my most productive yet. Be sure to check there often. Will I make 200 new tunes in 2 years? Maybe...

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